Your Heart Beats For Massage: Benefits of Massage on the Cardiovascular System!

Providing the cells in the body with oxygen and nutrients is one of the main functions of our cardiovascular system. We eat right, exercise and do what we can to keep it in tip top shape. But could you be doing more? Could something as pleasant as massage really be the missing link in our cardiovascular health? Maybe!

Massage is one of the best ways to aid venous return.  As our arteries have the heart to keep blood flowing smoothly, by the time the current reaches veins it's a bit dull... Daily muscular contraction help pump the fluid back to the heart but  unfortunately more often then not we have a stagnant lifestyle:sitting at desk, commuting in cars or on trains and this is when massage can pick up the slack and aid the return of blood thru your circulatory system. 

The warming of muscles, connective tissue and our integumentary (skin) system leads to the dilation of our blood vessels. Basically widening the road for more blood to flow thru, like adding an extra lain on the highway. There for increasing circulation! Also, with vascular dilation( the diameter of our blood vessels widening) blood pressure also reduced. And a massage might just be the most pleasant way to lower your blood pressure. 

Massage can also stimulate the spleen to bring more red blood cell(RBC) into the body. RBCs are responsible fore bringing oxygen from the lungs to the cells, so the increase of RBC increases the amount of oxygen thru out the body. 

So help your heart do it's job and get MASSSAGE!