The Wellness Nook is a massage therapist owned and operated small business.  We wanted to come together to create a space that is centered around wellness and healing.  Our goal was to create an environment that would be welcoming, for both body-workers and clientele, and that could also be a home for all alternative healing arts to thrive.

Offering massage, acupuncture, and private yoga, we believe in using alternative medicine to become, as well as maintain, a healthier you.

Every treatment at The Wellness Nook is customized to make you feel your very best.  This includes consultations beforehand, to gain insight into what could potentially be causing discomfort, as well as educating on what you, yourself, can do in everyday life to maximize the benefits from your treatments.  Every service is hands on for the time you requested.  Unlike most spa environments, when you book a 60 minute hands on treatment, our therapist will be working with you, in the room, for the full 60 minutes.

Our  prices are affordable for everyone, and we do offer a very generous Loyalty Program.  This offers our clientele a complimentary session after every 12th treatment, and more discounts if there are multiple visits in a month!  We even provide a special "Student Massage" at a discounted rate, to make this style of healthcare obtainable for everyone.  Our main goal and intention is helping others, improving our crafts, and creating a healthier way of life for everyone.  We care not just about improving our own skills, but also in helping out our community.

The Wellness Nook now accepts No-fault. So you can take a holistic approach to your healing and pain management.