Love the Skin You're In: Massage Therapy Benefits for the Integumentary System !

Be tall, short, fat or skinny we are all wrapped up in skin. Our largest organ with a team of glands, hairs, and nails to create our integumantary system. And though we all know how massage loosens muscles and breaks up scar tissue, did you realize how it helps you skin too! 

Most people might think its the application of oils or creams that richens their skin after a massage. And though it does help, what really if benefiting is the stimulation of the sebaceous or oil glands to produce the secretion of sebum better know as oil. Therefore reducing dryness and giving you moist, healthy skin! 

The condition, texture and tone of skin also is improved. When circulation is improved nutrients is increased to the cells of the organs therefore improving the health of the entire organ system!

Also, by massaging the skin warmth is created which reduces stress thru out the body. 

So try massage today and not just feel but look great!