Yoga Services

Private and Couples Yoga

Each class is designed to your personal wants and needs, to be your perfect class.  We combine massage and yoga to help you receive the most out of every lesson.  This includes incorporating the use of Thai Massage techniques to increase flexibility and deepen muscular relaxation.

Outdoor Yoga Class

Yoga by Donation!  Summer and Fall, join us on the lawn of The Wellness Nook every Saturday at 8:00  a.m. and every Sunday at TBA. for a 60 minute yoga class (weather permitting; check our social media pages the morning of for cancellations)

Please bring any supplies needed (i.e. mat, straps, block). Thank You

Make sure to sign up via email, FB, or Mind&Body. As there will be no class wit no one signed up by night before thank you. 

Classes are by donation; average range $5 to $15, but amount is up to the student.