Cellulite Massage

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is the dimpling of the skin, commonly found in the pelvic region, effecting most women.  Not caused by fat, but the uneven tension of the connective tissue that holds fat to the skin.

What can be done about Cellulite?

There are many factors to cellulite.  Therefore, there are many different approaches.  A healthy diet, and regular exercise are always the best starts...But sometimes, all the squats in the world can't free you from the plague of cellulite.  This is where we come in.  At The Wellness Nook, we offer a number of services to help, not only smooth skin, but even create denominational loss!  The best being our Cellulite Massage package.  Or, for a less aggressive approach, you can add Cupping to your 60 or 90 minute treatments.

The Wellness Nook's Cellulite Massage:

A safe non-invasive way to improve the look of your body.  NO surgery.  NO lasers.  NO radio frequencies.  Just massage.  The Wellness Nook's Cellulite Massage is a vigorous Deep Tissue Massage aimed to soften and loosen the rigid connective tissue.  The technique also assists in flushing out toxins stored in the epithelial cells (fat cells).  This helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, and even loss of dimensional inches in the treated areas (anywhere from 6-12 inches).

This practice needs to be performed 3 times a week, for 6 weeks; totaling at 18 treatments, for best results.  Different tissue conditions may effect the program length.

With each 18 treatment package you will receive:

  • 18 customized 50-60 minute hands on massages geared towards breaking up rigid connective tissue, to reduce dimpling, increase lymphatic flow, clear toxins, and promote inch loss.
  • A personal bottle of cellulite massage cream, to apply at home daily.
  • A body brush to use at home daily.

Ideal candidates for this program are women, or men, suffering from unsightly ridges in their abdomen, hips, buttocks, or thighs.  Individuals should be within 30 pounds of their ideal weight.  However, if you are more than 30 pounds, you will still benefit from the inch loss, but it is recommended that you do the program again 6 months after completing the first.

Package Price:

  • Pre-paid: $1,150.00 (you save $500.00)
  • Pay as you go: First Visit - $120.00
  • Follow-up Visits (17 visits) - $90.00 each
  • Total: $1,650.00