Seasonal Sinus Struggles?

Spring is here! Bringing us warmer weather, longer days, and beautiful flowers. And, as wonderful as all that sounds and is, those beautiful blooms bring less then appealing pollen. So, while some people are freeing themselves from their winter burrows, the rest of us are starting to dig in a bit deeper.

Sneezing, coughing, runny nose and eyes you sometimes want to claw out, are just some of the fun gifts spring has to offer. And some of us know all to well that this isn't always the worst of it.

Inflamed sinuses and airways, coupled with increase in mucous production, decreases the quality of each breath. This smothering irritation leads to more inconstant symptoms, like headaches and dizziness. Difficulty breathing decreases our sleep quality leaving us fatigued, drained and unable to function at our fullest.

Some of us take over the counter meds or even prescriptions to keep these symptoms at bay. But there are other things we can also do to help(always with the approval/supervision of our own doctors).

Daily consumption of local honey has show overtime can alleviate the  irritation from our friendly flowers.

Decreasing or cutting out completely all dairy products around the seasonal change. Dairy can increase mucus production  and inflammation exacerbating allergy symptoms.

Using essential oils. Applying oils like lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint or  sinus blends can also help alleviate symptoms.

Massage, either self massage of your sinus area or come in for facial cupping or cold stones on the face to decrease inflammation and pressure.  

Salt therapy or halo therapy can decrease inflammation and the production of mucus, deepening and smoothing out the breath, leading to the release of most seasonal allergy symptoms. 

Try something out and see what works best for you, so we can all enjoy the warmer weather!

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