The Essence Of Relaxation: essential oils for relaxation!

Everyday, especially in New York, we stress, worry, give ourselves anxiety, just over all wind ourselves up. We NEED to relax. So we get massages, and that is all well and good but you tragically can't be in a massage all day every day! We practice yoga, fine and dandy but you try doing down dog while crawling down the LIE when your already 10 minutes late for a meeting! And even though breathing right helps, sometimes it is just not cutting it. So, maybe we need to breath in the essence of relaxation. Here are some of the best essential oils for stress relief and relaxation. 

Well ,of course in any thing about relaxing oils, the number one has always been and remains lavender oil.  And honestly for good reason. This super oil not only is great for relaxation, helps improve sleep and reduce stress. It has other fantastic uses as well, like relieving migraines, reducing itchiness of bug bites, improve sinus function, and even good for mild burns...

Another lovely flower, rose is also great for anxiety. Shown to even help with panic attacks and depression. 

Another family favorite, chamomile. We love it in tea and love to breath it as well. Reducing anxiousness , stress and worry. 

Ylang ylang, not just cheerful to say but to smell. The use of this oil has shown to encourage optimism and make you over all cheerful. 

Though not going to relax you to sleep, Grapefruit is great for combating depression and the dreadful six letter word....stress. And when you are rid of that you are more relaxed.

With all of these oil you can simply put a few drops on a tissue and tuck it in your bra, or put a drop behind the ears, or just some on you hands and cup them over you face and breath in sweet serenity. Oils are great for adding to your already relaxing massages or yoga session but an ideal way of staying unwound everywhere. Enjoy my friends!