Into The Swing of Things:How Massage can Help your Golf Game!

Over 12 million Americans enjoy at least 8 games of golf a year(according to an article from And whether you are the occasional player or weekly wonder, you just want to get into the swing or things and get your perfect swing. On top of practice,stretching and exercise, have you considered how massage can help improve your game?

Therapeutic massage  is ideal for all kinds of athletes, so why not golfers? Honestly, especially  golfers! A sport that requires flexibility and a full range of motion in the back, hips,neck,  shoulder..the list can go on. 

Everyone probably knows how massage can sooth aching muscles and help speed healing time for injured muscles. That massage helps with circulation and stress relief but do you realize with all of this it lengthens the muscles? Therefor, increasing the ranges of motion of the joints they connect to. Massage can break up restricting connective tissue. Improve circulation to joins giving them a more fluid movement. All of this together can bring you that much closer to your perfect swing. 

 Different techniques recommended for golfers:

  • Swedish Massage- ideal for increasing circulation and relaxing muscles
  • Deep tissue- great for loosening tight muscles 
  • Myofascial massage-perfect for releasing connective tissue
  • Neuromuscular Therapy- best for breaking up trigger points or "knots" in muscle bellies 
  • Thai/yoga massage-a perfect blend of compresive trigger point work with stretches, passive movement that will increase your range of motion instantly