What to expect at your first massage visit ...

So, now that you have read our first blog and our long list of services and finely picked out and know what you want, you have no idea what to expect when you come in. What to ware? when to come?  do I shave? do I shower(preferably)? this list may go on.. I hope to answer most of these  mysteries of the massage world so you know what to expect at your first massage visit. 

Let's start with getting ready to go. Showering is always the right answer. Now, if you are getting a massage at a gym right after your workout the therapist expects you to be sweaty so don't worry you wont be judged; just please remember deodorant that day. As for shaving, entirely personal. We massage men, women, elderly, kids and not everyone shaves so we don't expect silky smooth legs;. So, go with your comfort. For me if a shave same day some creams actually irritate my skin.  And what to ware, now what you are doing after does effect this. But something loose and comfortable. There is nothing fun about tight restricting cloths after an hour or more of relaxation. 

When to show up, best bet early. Not so early you might be beetling them to the office or while in another massage but 10-15 minutes so you have time to fill out basic information and explain to you therapist your personal wants and needs-and of course visit the restroom, there is nothing relaxing about having to pee while someone presses on your back. This is great so you make sure not loose out on any massage time having to put on paper how much you aren't stretching but are stressing. 

The therapist will take you to the private treatment room. There is a massage table, some sort of music and a place for your belongings. They will generally go over what your goals are and their plans on getting there(i.e. what they are going to work on) After this they will leave while you get ready. At this moment some anxiety may come on, but take a deep breath and remember this is a massage, the goal is the opposite of that. You were probably told in one way or another to get undressed to YOUR level of comfort. This means what ever you are comfortable with. If you want to leave everything on, do it, if you wanna take it all off, go for it. If you just want to take the top layer of but leave your underwear on, that's fine. Any good therapist know how to work around, over, and with out cloths. So remember YOUR comfort, what ever you will be comfortable with because after all this is YOUR massage. Then just lay on the table under the top sheet and let the relaxation begin. 

During the massage the therapist may move your limbs or neck to get different angles on your muscles. You don't need to help, just relax into the movement and melt into the table. If we need help we'll ask, so don't worry. Now, if at any moment anything is uncomfortable pressure, how you are being moved, the spot on your body is sensitive, just let the therapist know. Yes, we may know more anatomy and science then you, but no one knows your body better than you. So, if anything feels wrong speak up. And if it is tension that needs to be worked thru, then we will find a more comfortable way to do so.  Also, if at any point you feel you need a pillow or more support anywhere just request and the therapist can accommodate.

When the session is over the therapist will step out to allow you to get up and dressed and meet them back in either hallway our waiting area. At this point take a moment, don't just jump up; you may get light headed or dizzy from the increased circulation. Slowly sit up, take a breath then stand. Don' t move into the room but don't feel you need to run out the door either. 

Then you will see your therapist again. They may explain what they felt and give you a few suggestions for what you can do at home as well as a treatment plan and when you should be in for your next massage. 

Make sure to drink plenty of water. The urinary system is one of the bodies ways of eliminating waist and toxins. Increasing you water intake will assist  in flushing the toxins that were stored in tight muscles and released during your massage. 

But the main things to expect are peace, serenity, harmony, relaxation and enjoyment.