Do You have the Nerve to Get a Massage? Massage therapy benefits for the Nervous System. part 1

Do you have the nerve to get Massage? Or over 200 nerves?! The human body has over 200 nerves and anywhere from 90 to 100 billion neurons (nerve cells). All firing to create movement, thought and sensations; sensations like pain, comforts, stress, fear, anxiety, relaxation, peace.... it goes on.

There are a few ways this system gets divided up but we are going to focus on the sympathetic, fight or flight, and the parasympathetic, the rest and digest.  Activation of our sympathetic nervous system is natural, however when at inappropriate times can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety. Massage therapy activated the parasympathetic nervous system in the body, thereby reducing anxiety and decreasing stress. Making us feel at ease and allowing our body to relax.

During massage beta waves, which are present while you brain is in an active alert phase, are reduced and alpha waves, which are present while the brain is conscious and relaxed, are increased. Delta waves, which are present during sleep are also increase during massage. These effects allow for you mind to rest and your entire body to feel at ease.

Massage benefits can go even farther with helping in nerve pain and impingement and overall neural function!