How Hot Stones Can Melt Away Your Aches and Pains.

While all massages have these great benefits the application of the stones intensifies and deepens these amazing effects.

Applying any sort of heat helps you, the clients, relax and us, the practitioners, get just that extra pliability from your tissues. So, heated tables, hot pack all of these are great additions. But my personal favorite is the use of hot stones. Unlike the other options, where you have stationary heat places to a general problem area, with hot stones we are able to massage the tension out with the heat. Using the stone as an extension of our hand, allows us to release deeper tissue tension; getting a deeper relaxation, with our with out the use of deeper pressure. Making this a great modality for everyone.

Massaging the body with heat has more benefits then just muscle relaxation though. Like in any massage the warming of the skin dilates bloods vessels increasing circulation. While using a warmed tool this benefit is intensified.

And your overall metal relaxation. Cold stimulates and excites us where warm calm and soothes. Warm touch will help calm the mind and allow you to enter an even more profound state of relaxation. 

So, melt into a massage table today.