Healthy Connection: How Massage Benefits Connective Tissue!

From stabilizing bone connections, compartmentalizing muscles fibers and nerves, to healing broken tissue and scar production, connective tissue is what keeps us connected; and healthy connective tissue is what keeps us feeling and looking great!

Massage therapy increases circulation thru out the body. This directly effects and benefits our connective tissue. Some of out connective tissue is less vascular, has fewer veins and arteries, there for proper circulation is even more important to keep nutrients in and take waist out.  This helps with keeping the tissue healthy and in helping it heal faster and better.

When healing broken tissue like skin or muscles the body produces scars. The application of massage to these areas not only increase healing with circulation it also prevents keliod scaring. Deep massage therapy also prevents overproduction of scaring which could effect the muscles ability to work.

For body builders or athlete in all massage therapy is quiet helpful in muscle growth. The connective tissue wrapping around the muscles can be to stiff and even restrict the growth of the muscle. Regular massage therapy can keep this wrapping elastic and pliable so the muscle fibers can be unrestricted.

Tight connective tissue is also to blame for dimpling skin, known as cellulite.  Connective fibers that attach the skin to deeper layers can get unevenly tense, pinching adipose causing an uneven dimpling. Massage can loosen these fibers to cause a more even tension and smooth out the "lumpy" skin.